Posh Privies

Terms & condtions

1.) Customer has inspected the equipment and deemed it clean, in good condition,
and appropriate for his (her) needs.

2.) Customer will not alter or make attachments to the equipment.

3.) Customer will immediately notify Posh Privies LLC and discontinue use of the equipment if it becomes unsafe or in disrepair.

4.) Customer chooses the site for installing the equipment and accepts all responsibility in
connection with that choice of location. Customer quote is based on easy access to site, firm and level
ground, and a dry location. In addition, trailers are inoperable at extreme inclines and may deem a location
unacceptable or subject to additional charges. 

5.) Without the prior written consent of Posh Privies LLC, the customer will not assign this Agreement or any rights or obligations hereunder and will not transfer possession or control of the equipment. 

6.) The average setup time is one hour. If through no fault of the driver, (i.e. the site is not ready, personnel are not available to accept delivery, etc.) the setup takes longer than the average 1 hour, the charge will be $50 per hour for each additional hour. Any site changes after delivery begins will be charged accordingly. 

7.) Lessee is responsible for cost of replacement and repairs due to fire, theft, carelessness, accidental damage, vandalism, or riot and agrees to return rental equipment to Posh Privies LLC in delivered condition, ordinary use and wear excepted. 

8.) Posh Privies LLC reserves the right to make equipment substitutions of equal or better quality. Posh Privies LLC may subcontract some or all of its services when necessary. 

9.) The price quoted is based on open access to all specified sanitary facility locations for placement, pumping, and removal. Failure to provide access will void guarantee of placement, pumping, or removal as per schedule. 

10.) If the customer fails to make any payment or fails to perform any obligation due hereunder, Posh Privies LLC may pursue all remedies available by law or in equity, including termination of this Agreement without notice, repossession of the equipment without legal process, and recovery of all sums due hereunder. Such remedies shall be cumulative. Customer shall pay Posh Privies LLC all costs of recovery of payment. 

11.) Posh Privies LLC is not to be held liable for the performance of the trailer with temperatures at or below freezing, or any conditions or climates beyond their control, including Work Strikes or shortage of materials.