Posh Privies

Luxury Portable Restrooms | World-Class Customer Service

We put luxury restrooms on wheels for limitless possibilities. Posh Privies is a family-owned business based in Arizona. The key to our success is high-quality customer service which we take to a different level with high-quality and elegant luxury restrooms. 

Organizing events usually comes with a lot of items on your to-do list. Our reliable and excellent customer service allows our clients to sleep; rest assured that even the most discerning visitors can use our restrooms happily. 

Though our clients only see the end results of well-furnished and sparkling bathrooms and toilets, our teams work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every restroom is in peak condition. Our upscale mobile restrooms allow visitors to feel at home and have peace of mind in our facilities.

Regardless of the event, we guarantee unparalleled convenience. Just give us the address and we will be there.



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If you want to have a successful event, you need every aspect of your experience to be comfortable and convenient. 

Our facilities guarantee 

  • Quality: Your visitors deserve the best and we designed our bathrooms to feel just like home. Our stylish design helps you feel at ease. 
  • Subtlety: Our technicians mount mobile restrooms in strategic places, so they don’t ruin your photos. 
  • Luxury: Let your guests know how much they mean to you. Our luxury stalls are perfect for that. We can also include customized accessories so they can get the VIP treatment they deserve. 

Our Portable Restrooms

Rather than having crowded and uncomfortable stalls, our portable restrooms feature amenities that provide security for your guests. They are well finished, spacious, provide a comfortable atmosphere, and clean.

We’ve taken every detail into account when designing our restrooms. We also added Corian countertops, hardwood floors, proper ventilation, occupancy indicators, and more. For the comfort of your guests we have included: Corian
countertops, hardwood floors, proper ventilation, occupancy indicators,
customized towels, LED lighting, and multiple toilets/urinals.

The most important consideration when picking an appropriate Posh Privies restroom is the number of guests that will be using the bathroom. You wouldn’t want your guests forming a queue to use the restroom. It is also important you choose a restroom that has enough waste tank capacity. We recommend you consult with us when choosing a restroom so we can recommend the best fit. 

Our main restroom trailer: 

  • Sparkle (3 Stall Units) – Up to 125 Guests